Tang How Brother’s 4 Week Advanced SMAW Pipe Welding Training Class


This advanced course is designed for Welders with structural welding experience.
Participants will learn the proper technique to prepare, fit, and weld a pipe in a 5G
and 6G (position). Upon completion, participants will take a pipe weld test.
Duration of Class: 4 Weeks

The cost includes Training, Supplies/Materials, oxy/acetylene welding coupons,
and welding machine consumables.
NB: Each participant must have their own personal welding gear.



Week 1How to use a pipe beveler, prepare a pipe coupon, and
tack up for welding proper electrode to be used.
Week 2Weld practicing in 5G position
Week 3Weld practice in 5G position
Weld practice in 6G position
Week 4Weld practice in 5/6G position, weld test, and how to
prepare test pieces for a bend test
Bend test, 5G and 6G test coupon.

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