Tang How Brother’s 6 Week Pipefitting Class


This advanced course is designed for Welders with structural welding experience.
Participants will learn the proper technique to prepare, fit, and weld a pipe in a 5G
and 6G (position). Upon completion, participants will take a pipe weld test.
Duration of Class: 4 Weeks

The cost includes Training, Supplies/Materials, oxy/acetylene welding coupons,
and welding machine consumables.
NB: Each participant must have their own personal welding gear.



Week 1 Safety, oxy/fuel cutting. Introduction to pipefitting measurement, Basic math skills
Week 2-3
Understanding the Pipefitting Blue Book, Proper reading of a tape measure, Knowing the different pipe fittings.
Week 4-5 Isometric sketch/Take off from fittings to get pipe cut length. Cut and bevel pipe.
Week 6 Fit and tack pipe to fittings to be welded and review.

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